3D-Women-Talk-02I’m finishing my two weeks April Holiday today.  

I don’t go away usually for my holidays, after all, I live in beautiful Coffs Harbour so I stay home. 

I just need to unwind when I’m on holidays.  My job is pretty demanding, so downtime is a major thing for me.  I went shopping, had some nice lunches with my son, read a lot of books, did a lot of thinking and just relaxed.

I’ve also done a lot during these holidays.  It might not be classed as a traditional holiday but this is how I like to spend my holidays.

What I did do these 2 weeks is build my business.  I’ve started Amethyst Web Solutions, designing web sites and that’s what I’m going to concentrate on during the next few months.

If you want a website made, give me a call or send an email (shameless plug 🙂 )

I also have had a big clean up of papers that I had been keeping for some reason, most of which were just junk, made two websites for clients, worked on several other client’s websites and did lots of website maintenance.  

It was a very productive holiday for me and I accomplished a great deal.  

When you go on holidays, what do you want out of your time off?