A Horror Story – with a happy ending!

A Lesson Learnt - Protect your Computer


Have you ever lost all your sites and can’t access them in any way? 

I did recently and it’s a horrible feeling.

A few weeks ago I woke up to none of my sites working.  No idea why, I couldn’t access them through wp-admin and I panicked! What on earth had happened? 

My first thought was my hosting company was down.  I checked my cpanel with Hostgator and all the sites were there so Hostgator was working.

So my next question was what was causing it?

I had all my blogs infected with some weird code.  It took a week to fix.  Hostgator were wonderful as well as my assistant, Colin and they got all the sites cleaned and virus free.

However, I’m still making sure everything is ok plus I’m now paranoid and checking everything twice.

So what was the cause of this?

My own fault!

I got a new computer and as part of setting it up, I was going to install my virus program.  Well, it was due for renewal and I made a mistake. I ‘planned’ on getting a new one and just totally forgot.  Didn’t even think of it again.  So for months my brand new computer was totally unprotected.

Yes I know, how on earth could I do that?  

My mind said “you planned to do it”, forgot that I hadn’t done it and then decided ‘it’s done’.

It wasn’t done and Malware got onto my computer, which then infected a lot of my sites, which Colin and Hostgator had to fix for me.

Backups on Hostgator weren’t happening due to my sites being too large to back up.  I had just bought new hosting to alleviate that problem but hadn’t moved anything yet.

Backups were done on some of my sites, but not all.  I had asked my previous VA to install backup plugins on all my sites, but he hadn’t got around to doing it and hadn’t told me that.

My fault again because I should have confirmed it was done.  It was my responsibility and I got it wrong.  Now, I could be beating myself up about this.  

After all, I couldn’t have done more to make sure that something could have gone wrong then if I planned on it.

  • New computer – no virus scanner installed
  • Web sites – backup not done recently.  
  •  Individual site backups not all being done.

I made mistakes but I fixed them.  I had a lesson learnt – I have to protect my computer.

A Lesson Learnt - Protect your ComputerI got help, got it working again and I’m back in action.

Always in business, something will go wrong.  Whatever it is, whoever did or didn’t do it, no matter what it costs you, don’t waste your time thinking of all the things you should have done.  Instead, learn from it, work out what needs to be done and then, GET IT DONE.

I’m facing a much safer situation for all my sites then I did before.  My computer is even more protected.  I learnt from my mistakes.  

Let me know if you have anything like that ever happen to you and how you dealt with it.  I would love to hear about it in the comments.


Tania Shipman