10 Days of YOTA Accomplishments

This weekend has been the first chance to look back over my accomplishments during 10 Days of YOTA.  I used my holidays to work on what I want to do with my future which is affiliate marketing.

It was a very intense 10 Days of YOTA, with a lot of highlights for me.

A lot of what I did doesn’t show yet as I spent a lot of time on just learning, absorbing and understanding the resources that are available about affiliate marketing through YOTA.  My membership of the YOTA forum is invaluable and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have access.

There are just too many schemes where there is no concern or customer service and to have Sean Rasmussen and the Year of the Affiliate forum moderators accessible is worth much more then I can say.

What’s next with YOTA?

I still have a lot to do and so much to learn but I’m just loving what I’m doing.

I am slowly coming to understand Market Samurai and will continue to read the forums and watch the videos until I know one day it will just click.

I have more Squidoo lenses to publish and have been working on them ready to get them published.

I’m developing a routine of actions that need to be taken each day to take advantage of the benefits of social media, affiliate marketing and blogging.

I will be continuing to read and learn.  I’m using tools such as Google Reader which is so useful for finding the people who are helping me to do that.  Sean Rasmussen and Chris Brogan are two people who I follow everywhere I can.  The blogs and advice are so insightful.  Others who help me on the journey include Ed Dale and Matt Stenning.  The Zodiacs (the YOTA forum moderators) are also essential for my development.

I’m still learning how to improve my websites and how to add more content as well as working on how to generate income to give me life choices.

Watch this space…