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What’s going on!

I’m changing so much of what I do and how I do it, so instead of keeping it all to myself, I’m sharing a lot of it with the world.  

That is what’s going on with me!

I’m not afraid to just sit down and write something anymore.

I know I have people out there who care about what’s going on and who are sharing my journey.

It’s also a commitment to you.  I said I would do this, so I have to show that I am doing it.

It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done, sharing like this.  I’m an introvert and I was a shy kid.

Even now, I’m confident training people and speaking in public, however as a teenager I regarded it as one of the worst things I ever had to do.

I was the person behind the scenes, the support person, the helper who didn’t want acknowledgement.  

Now I’m stepping up and out to everyone.  It’s damned hard, however I have the support of lots of fantastic people so I’m going to keep on doing it.

Are you someone who can share, or do you find it really hard to speak out where everyone can see?

Let me know in the comments.


Tania Shipman

Day 4


Taking Action

No matter what, Taking Action


I slept in this morning, well I woke up early, then went back to sleep, so I’m running to catch up.

I’m still writing this post.  No matter what, each day, I’ll do a post.

It is the perfect excuse, I don’t have time, I can do it later, but as they say, later never comes.  So here goes!

Yesterday I spent time taking action.  Spoke to several of my mentors and I’m really excited about what’s happening with them.  One was early in the morning, one late at night but I got great feedback from both of them.  

I also spoke to another mentor during the day so I took in a great deal of information.  

I have some big changes already happening, my confidence is growing and there are so many opportunities available.

I also reached out to a very good friend to help me.  She’s waiting on the email I promised her.  It’s in the works, I didn’t realise how hard it would be to write but I’ll have it finished for her very soon.

So, there you go, that’s the sort of post I can write when I’ve slept in and have to leave soon.

Have you ever had to do anything similar, do the work even though you could have used an excuse?  Let me know in the comments. 

Have a great day.


Tania Shipman

 Day 3