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Teamwork Works!

Yesterday at my job, once again our team got the work done.  We all supported each other, when a hand was needed it was offered and we asked if you needed help.

There were no ‘stars’, there was just a bunch of people all working to get a necessary outcome. 

We proved that teamwork works by just getting in and getting it done.

We work together 5 days a week and know each other.  We are a good team, however working together isn’t necessary for teamwork to work.

Teams are what you make of people you know, work with and interact.  I’m part of many teams and you are too.  

Teams get called all sorts of things, family, friends, peeps, employees, Facebook groups, mates, buddies, and the list goes on.  If they work with you to get an outcome, you are a team. 

When you work together, something happens.  Teams I’ve been a member of have nailed it and got exactly what we wanted to happen.  Sometimes it might not be a good something (wow,  I’ve had some major failures) but something always happens when a team works together.

You are a part of my team.  You are reading my posts, talking to me and teaching me as well.

Have you had team successes, or failures?  

Learning how your teams get results would be really interesting, so I would love to hear about them.


Tania Shipman





7 days of posts!  I did it.

I’ve survived a week of posting to my blog.  It is hard to do.  I can still think of excuses of why I couldn’t have done any of the last 7 posts.  Each time I did it!  Even today, I slept in but I’m still writing my post.  

Do you find getting started is hard to do?  

It’s only natural.  We all think of taking the easy way, finding a reason to not do something.

There are so many mentors, coaches, self help books, family and friends who are all telling you to get started but only you can do it.  

How about you try to figure out what’s stopping you from starting.  I hope by listing mine, it might help you start.  Mine are/were:

  • It has to be perfect (so don’t even start because it never will be)
  • Maybe no one will read it 
  • I’m busy (not doing much at all but it sounds good)

In the end, it just came down to I was scared.  It’s always easier to not do anything, and just stay scared rather then look at your fears and beat them up! 

I’m writing, and it’s not as scary as I thought it would be.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, some people ARE reading this and even if they aren’t, I enjoy writing.  I’m not that busy that I can’t write (even when I really am)

I have a new pleasure in my life, writing these posts so I’ll keep on doing it.

How about you?  Try writing down what’s stopping you from getting started.  Then have a look at the list and think about this.

There are people, like me, willing to help you.  There are so many people who value you.  

So what’s so hard to do, that you can’t get past it?  

Let me know in the comments or write to me at tania@taniashipman.com.  Let’s see if I can help you at all.

Talk to you soon.


Tania Shipman